Myhealthatvanderbilt’s approaches and systems that manage explicit usability guidelines for patient portals aim to create safe and viable patient portals. At the time, there weren’t many patient portals and limited visibility to monitor the condition’s progress. Access to data is controlled by secure activation codes, unique usernames, and passwords.


MyHealthAtVanderbilt is a free online program that allows you to interact with a virtual healthcare professional and connect with other patients using health information resources. Open a My Health At Vanderbilt account.

This is the only way to follow the path taken. You can view your medical prescriptions and deductible expenses, make payments and add friends. You always have the option to keep your health data secret.

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Open these instructions in a new window to log into your account via the My Health at Vanderbilt login page. You can follow the steps as you see them.
  • Sign up by entering your credentials on the My Health at Vanderbilt login page. This information will be provided to you when you register or by an authorized site representative.
  • To access this site, you should have a good internet connection. If there is a problem with the relationship, try checking your router and restarting it before proceeding.
  • Please make sure that you have turned off the capitalization lock.
  • Once you get the “Login Successfully” message, you are officially logged into My Health on the Vanderbilt login page.
  • Remember to disable your Virtual Private Network before doing anything else. Some websites may restrict access to certain countries or IP addresses, thus preventing users from streaming and downloading content that may not be allowed in their country of residence.
  • ┬áMy Health on the Vanderbilt login page may have difficulty accepting your login information. We recommend that you follow this step-by-step guide to resolve this issue.