My Health At Vanderbilt is easy to use, with simple navigation buttons on the home page. Some links take you to the program’s main page to view your medical records and appointment times quickly.


Today, MyHealthAtVanderbilt (MHAV) is much more accessible to patients with a new mobile app. Integration with my children of a controlled medical file with an attached patient portal for a pediatric and adolescent population.

Features Of MyHealthAtVanderbilt

Connect with a healthcare professional. My Health At Vanderbilt offers a free online tool to connect with a healthcare professional online and interact with other patients.

  • Make an appointment with one of the healthcare professionals in your area. You may have questions that you can’t find answers to through search. With a My Health At Vanderbilt health account, you can connect with local providers and doctors and access your information online.
  • Access your My Health At Vanderbilt health profile. With this account, you can keep track of all of your current medical conditions, the date of each visit, and the information provided during those visits.


  • Access your life expectancy. You see the average time it takes to reach your life expectancy. If you plan to stay at the same place of work or school for an extended time, or plan to move, you can use the information here to create an action plan.
  • You can consult your medical records for more information.
  • Make an appointment with a doctor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • So they can provide you with a recipe.
  • See an overview of your annual tests and procedures
  • Contact your treating physician
  • To get a complete list of your tests and procedures
  • Generate a PIN for instant access via the My Health at Vanderbilt mobile app
  • Use the application to send a message to one of your doctors