Mobile App

The Health At Vanderbilt app allows you to create your own medical records and upload them to your personal account. It’s a great way to create a virtual copy of your own recordings. This is particularly useful for people with reduced mobility. When selecting a doctor’s office or clinic, you can view their contact information along with photos of their physical offices.


MyHealthAtVanderbilt is a new mobile application that allows its users to receive and pay their health insurance quotes. Unlike other similar programs, MyHealthATanderbilt is actually a network of healthcare providers that offers the ability to compare health insurance quotes for free. The company works with over forty different health insurers and offers from all of them. By visiting the site, you can select a policy from one of the company’s many plans and determine how much it will cost.

MyHealthAtVanderbilt Mobile App

My Health at Vanderbilt is a secure tool that puts your medical records in your hands. This mobile version includes some of our most popular features, with convenient access on the go. The mobile app allows you to track your progress and symptoms. Additionally, my Health at Vanderbilt app can tell you how your body is responding to your treatment plan and which treatment options are best for your specific condition.


Access your current My Health at Vanderbilt account in the app to:

  • View your diary
  • Send a message to your doctor’s office
  • Request a consultation
  • Plan your meeting location
  • Manage your profile information
  • Create a PIN code for instant access
  • Location-related appointment record
  • Connect your Apple Health account to retrieve health data from your personal devices directly in My Health.

My Health works with most health care providers, hospitals, and clinics in Vanderbilt. Do not have an account yet? On your next visit, ask how easy it is to sign up.